Dec 02, 2020

Strategic Construction Solutions

strategic consulting solutions inc

Strategic Consulting Solutions We focus on compliance, so you can focus on your business. Strategic Consulting Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of compliant accounting solutions to government contractors.

strategic copywriting how to create effective advertising

Strategic Copywriting, a detailed how-to guide, introduces students to time-tested strategies for writing and designing successful ads.In this second edition, Edd Applegate explains the core...

strategic corporate social responsibility and value

Can corporate social responsibility (CSR) be a source of good and a wellspring of innovation, competitive advantage and value creation for the firm? Although CEOs and government leaders insist in public that CSR projects create value for the firm, privately they admit that they do not know if CSR pays off. To address this question and drawing on experience for the Spanish context, we test one of the few efforts to model how the strategic management of CSR may contribute to improving firm ...

Strategic Construction Solutions

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Strategic Construction Solutions