Jun 25, 2021

Undead And Undermined

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MaryJanice Davidson is an American author and motivational speaker who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non-fiction. She is the creator of the popular Undead series and is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She writes a bi-weekly column for USA Today and lives in St. Paul with her family. You can reach ...

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Undead and Underwater is book 11.5 in the Undead Series by MaryJanice Davidson. I love the Undead Series, but this story drove me crazy. It was full of non-stop chatter between Betsy and Fredricka. It was like someone was shoving nails into my brain. I really didn't enjoy it and was disappointed that this was the next story is a series I love so much.

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Undead And Uneasy: Number 6 in series (Undead Series) (English Edition) eBook: MaryJanice Davidson: Amazon.de: Kindle-Shop

Undead And Undermined

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Undead And Undermined